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Who we are

Tahawal is a Digital Marketing Solutions Provider founded in Dubai with the goal of offering quality, affordable digital marketing support for SMEs and Startups of the GCC, who have previously been neglected by the industry.  Digital Marketing has quickly gained importance in the business environment because of its ability to automate, instantaneously reach billions of target audience, personalize content, and achieve measurable results.

The team at Tahawal understands the pain points of SMEs in the region because it was born specifically to meet those needs. 


About this role

The Digital Marketing Guru is responsible for coordinating and executing the company’s social media strategy, working with digital marketing tools and key social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  This role will be instrumental in increasing clients’ social media presence and gaining visibility for their brand among clients and candidates.


Key Duties

1) Social Media Community Management

a. Assist with streamlining clients’ social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms), ensuring uniform content and tone of voice for landing pages, graphics, and other elements within the communities.

b. Increase the number of followers on platforms by following and engaging with potential clients and candidates.

c. Monitoring and replying to Tweets from candidates and clients (initially under supervision from a Director)

d. Posting Tweets on a daily basis (under supervision from a Director)

e. Posting updates to the Company LinkedIn account (initially under supervision from a Director)

f. Use LinkedIn polls and surveys to build clients’ social media footprint and reputation.

g. Liaising with staff internally to ensure that their company profiles are accurate and up-to date

h. Posting updates to the Company Facebook account (under supervision from a Director) i. Build Facebook ‘likes’ by approaching potential clients and candidates through other social media channels and email marketing campaigns.


2) Coordinating and Distributing Content

a. Scheduling and coordinating a monthly brainstorming meeting internal social media team to establish content ideas for the month ahead, and to plan for a monthly social media, editorial, marketing and blogging calendar.

b. Maintain a monthly social media and blogging calendar, and ensure that everyone is meeting their deadlines.

c. Liaising with senior consultants and directors to push new blog posts through the calendar.

d. Drive awareness of our new blog posts by posting the articles into forums and groups

e. Upload and manage company blog posts in WordPress (initially under supervision from a director).

f. Repurpose content from other sources for our own social media channels (and understand how to change the tone of the content for each channel).


3) Understanding and monitoring social media analytics

a. Track key social media analytics on a monthly basis, including Google Analytics, LinkedIn company stats, etc.

b. Track and report website statistics using Google Analytics. Look at how well specific content performs and look at the flow of traffic through to our Web site. Look at how well blog posts perform based on their ‘sharerating’ and the total number of viewers and time spent on page. Look at the best performing web site pages and try to generate new content that does the same or better. If consultants are producing original content and blogs, report back to them weekly with the performance of those posts.

c. Use Google Reader to follow the blogs and content of our competitors and key clients. e. Use the company’s HootSuite account to create lists of followers and to schedule tweets so that they are continuously pushed out.

d. Work with the directors to build monthly reporting tools on social media analytics and performance against our ‘baseline targets.’


4) Email Marketing and SEO

a. Work with each team to create and send email broadcast around content ideas and keys jobs.

b. Research free online directories to generate inbound links for SEO.

c. Using Google, search on key words and look at our competitors’ brands for forums and directories that we can sign up to generate in-bound links for our company.

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