Content Creation

Generate content that attracts the right people towards you. Build your marketing strategy around creating content that is relevant, consistent and engaging to your audience.

Content marketing is a bit like baking the world’s best apple pie and leaving it out into the open for people to try. But there will always be people who don’t like apple pie, and that’s okay. Our goal is to attract people who are interested in things we talk about, and then give them the best experience possible.

How many times have we fallen for a clickbait title, only to discover there really wasn’t anything unbelievable in that ‘you will never believe your eyes!!’ video. To a content writer, however, that is a pat on the back because they managed to attract your attention and made you click!  

While we at Tahawal do way better than coming up with clickbait titles (shade successfully thrown at Buzzfeed), we want to ensure that the content we generate drives audience engagement, and keeps them hooked until the end!

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